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Embrace the Beauty of Two: Suspending a Pair of Pendant Fixtures in Your Kitchen

Today we are often seeing pendants hung in a trio above a centre island, breakfast bars or dining tables in many kitchens. It's no doubt that a lined-up trio is a tactful choice for both function and decoration for kitchen lighting. However, operating two can also be a smart arrangement in kitchen design. Read on and behold some of the lighting examples that fully illustrate the beauty of suspending two pendant lights over your kitchen.

Source: kitchenlabdesign
Pendant lights in different styles and different forms can add diverse interests into the space. Look at this two cone-shade minimalist pendant lights, their black finish contrast with the grey-and-white countertop and pair perfectly with the dark-painted cabinet and pantry in the back. Together they make the whole space look pared-down but stylish. Everything is at their right size and position. If the fixture were hung in three, it would have encumbered the visual impact and break down the beauty of symmetry and orderliness.

Source: emerick-architects
Dome-shaped pendant lights in full-size are also a great design to suspend with two. They might not seem impressive if just hung in single, but in pairs they can be very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

In addition of simple-design pendants, lets discover some other specifically-designed fixtures and see what visual effect can they produce.

Source: rikkisnyder
Take a look at the above unique branched multi-light pendants. The clear glass shades faced to all directions really draw the eye in the whole space. With a pair each suspended above the island and dining table they add reinforced interests among the kitchen.

Source: keithwing
Even more eye-catching form of pendants can be these two spherical chandelier-like suspension lamp, which makes great statement and immediately draw the eye towards the wall and the windows. Not only do they provide huge symmetry effect in the manner of two, but also build fantastic architectural beauty among the space.
Source: ElizabethLawsondesign source: chango
Even small pendant fixtures can create good visual anchor in the room, especially over the countertop which is small and short. Double the pendants can not only bring sufficient illumination downwards the worktop, but break down the monotonousness of the space.

Hanging pendants in the manner of two can be practical and innovative, it depends on what looks you want for your kitchen and what level of lights you kitchen needs. Anyway, do not be bothered to have a try, it will surprise you when done smartly.