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Garden Pathway Needs These Safety Landscape Lighting Types

Paths, whether stretching from street to door or winding through gardens, have always intrigued me. Perhaps it’s because their lines lead the eye and there are so many great design and material options for them, yet they often are so unimaginatively designed. Paths can and should tell a story, elicit emotion, promote exploration and make a meaningful connection with land and architecture. However, when night falls in the garden and darkness shrouds you, you must be afraid of the surroundings and want to get away from there. Actually, you just need the pathway lights. They could give you a sense of security and a convenience of illumination. There are several types of landscape lighting for your garden pathway.

Post & Pole Lights More info

When you walk in the flat path, which has both sides of lawn and other lower trees, you need lower post light or pole light for the pathway.

Post or pole lights usually are used in pairs. So on either side, the lights could increase the security and add a great deal of beauty.

In-Ground Path Lights More info

What’s more, on one side of the flat path, if you install some in-ground path lights, they would not only give you a sense of safety to guide your correct direction, but also increase the sense of mystery and dazzling.

In the garden pathway, besides of these lawn and lower trees, it has much more huge and striking form trees and the both of sides of path are overgrown with weeds. The post light could not light up the path with wide range. Because the light intensity of accent or flood lights are greater than other lights so they could solve this problem.

Accent Lights & Floodlights More info

Accent light usually focuses light on a particular area or object and focal points in the home or surrounding landscape. These accents lights are ideal for emphasizing architectural features in the landscape as well.

Floodlights are mechanisms designed to provide artificial light to a large expanse or area. The floodlights proper will include the use of high intensity lamps that are configured to hold up to repeated use for extended period of times.

Recessed & Step Lights More info

Finally, let’s look at different stone stairs or deck stairs in the pathway you could find. This way usually needs the recessed lights or surface mount step lights to ensure your path direction and safety. Recessed lights normally have been installed the side of wall in the stairs.

The step lights always have been mounted on the pedal or the middle perpendicular part from the pedal.