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Holiday Lighting Sales: 2017 Black Friday Favorites by Color

As Black Friday approaches and comes the beginning of Christmas Shopping Season, it is time to remodel of your home's decor with something colorful to add a little fairy holiday touch to your house. Discover some incredibly colorful Black Friday items at YIIlighting, from affordable minimalist modern style to the chic craftman design, from ceiling-hang / mounted fixtures to floor lamps, you'll find these of good quality as well as good looks and get an extra 20% off your lighting purchase. We think these special offers might be too cost-effective to be ignored. Take a look at the top favorite items set below and go with a certain color light fixtures, or mix and match them to bring some colorful holiday flair to your house.
Fiery Red
Hot passionate red is no doubt the perfect color to add to the holiday palette. Light fixtures in red finish will immediately make a statement and decorate your house in holiday spirit.
Modern Style 1 Light Mini Table Lamp in
Red Finish

$32.85 $73.65
Contemporary Red Finish 1 Light 13.78"W
Pendant Light

$79.69 $108.95
Nordic Stylish Adjustable Desk Lamp 1 Light
Bedside Lamp

$28.77 $37.40
Red Linen Wire 1 Light Pendant Light with
Drum Shade

$49.38 $71.66
Red Finished 1 Light Vintage Wall Sconce
with Adjustable Arm

$50.90 $66.17
Linen Wire Globe 1 Light 11.81"W Flush-
Mount Ceiling Light

$37.85 $54.15
Sophisticated Green
Green palette is a perfect choice to refresh the look of your house, offering a touch of vitality into your room and ultimately making your holiday decor more lively and cheerful.
Craftsman Single Light 17.72"W Pendant
in Green Finish

$67.46 $103.40
Green Finish 1 Light Pendant with Alabaster
Glass Shade and Outer Cup Cage

$80.00 $156.00
Blooming Flower 6 Light Small Wall Sconce
with Green Metal Shade

$161.15 $267.31
Craftsman 1 Light 7.87"W Pendant Light with
Metal and Wooden Shade

$43.15 $81.71
Modern Baking Finish 1 Light Mini Desk Lamp
in Polished Green

$28.31 $36.80
Barn Style 1 Light Wall Sconce in Green
$30.38 $39.50

Warming Yellow
Add a lighting fixture in yellow finish in your home, it will definitely help get rid of the chill of the season and providing your holiday with warm and happy vibe.
Craftsman 1 Light Mini Pendant Light with
Metal Shade and Pull Switch

$65.54 $96.15
Baking Finish 1 Light Desk Lamp Eye-Caring
Office Light in Yellow

$34.38 $44.69
Yellow Coffee Bar 1 Light Pendant Light
$36.54 $47.50
Craftsman Bowl Shaped 1 Light 7.48"W
Pendant with Metal Shade in Yellow

$39.69 $61.50
Phenolic 4" Integrated LED 3000K Round
Decorative Trim in Yellow Finish

$20.00 $26.00
Grasshopper Floor Lamp in Modern Style
$79.98 $106.50

Romantic Blue
Amorous navy is good to evoke a calming feeling and affect the mood. Go for a blue light fixture to bring fantastic romance to your holiday ornament.
Transparent Blue Glass 1 Light Indoor
Pendant Light

$48.46 $63.00
Mediterranean Blue Finished 1 Light
Wall Sconce
$30 $42.25
14 1/2'' Wide Tiffany Style Wall Washer in
Ocean Blue
$56.54 $73.50
Tiffany Style Mini Semi Flush Mount in Blue
$57.69 $75.00
1 Light Mini Pendant Light with Metal Shade
and Pull Switch

$65.54 $96.15
Lovely Design 1 Light Mini Wall Sconce with
Baby Monkey Decoration

$42 $60.45