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How to Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Bathroom is one of most-used and private retreat where we relax and refresh ourselves. Make the most of your relaxing private space by giving it the optimun lighting. Proper lighting in the bathroom will make you feel confidence at the beginning of a day and comfortable when come back home after a busy day.

For the four categories of lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting are basically needed in a bathroom. And if you already got enough of those fixtures type, you can also add a decorative lighting fixtures into your bathroom, whether it is a pendant light or wall sconce, or a grand chandelier is much more effective for donging so.
Ambient lighting
Bathroom is a wet space where we doing lots of washing and brushing, therefore we are in need of sufficient illumination to prevent us from falling over ourselves. A lots of lighting types can serve to provide ambient lighting. Recessed lighting is often used in bathroom for ambient illumination for its space-saving
superiority and high-output lights. Installing several recessed downlights onto the ceiling of your bathroom is a imperative way. Also, you can use other wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted lights to get the job done.
Task lighting
One of the effective routes is using a pair of wall sconce mounted on either side of the mirror to provide sufficient illumination. Better place them at head level or a little bit higher,which may help you apply your makeup,shaving, brushing tooth, etc.

For decorating
If your bathroom is already filled with both ambient lighting and task lighting, try adding a statement light in your bathroom, such as a chandelier over the bathtub. In addition of acting as a centerpiece among the space, it also casting soft and warm glow down the area, making your bathroom a spa-like feel.