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How to Layer Your Living Room Lighting

Living room is a place where families, friends or guests gathering together to share personal feeling, thought and taking intimate conversations. And it's also a place for relaxing or doing task. A good lighting design is important to a living room for it provide general illumination, affect the mood and decorate the space. This post is going to share with you some ideas helping you with your lighting scheme.
Before we even start, we should ask these questions: What is a good lighting design? What sorts of lighting does living room need? What function and effect do we want to achieve? In most of the cases, a lighting design means function and beauty should go hand-in-hand; Living room will need different levels of lighting to perform multiple functions. Thus a layered lighting scheme should be considered. Generally speaking, most living rooms basically require ambient lighting and decorative lighting, and sometimes task and accent lighting are needed as well.
To achieve ambient Lighting. Many types of light fixtures can served as ambient lighting source, like pendants, flush mount ceiling lights or even wall sconces. But none of them can do the job better than recessed downlights, which is not only space-saving, but also practical in location. Try installing a host of can lights into your ceiling, or still better, place them around the perimeter of the ceiling, they'll wash your living room and create a warm welcoming glow around the space.
For decorating purpose. A well-decorated drawing room is good for showing personalities, tastes and affect the mood. There are a variety of light fixtures with in decorative style out there, how do we even choose one to suit our living room? Well, you can never go wrong with glamorous chandeliers, they look beautiful whether switched on or off. If your living room doesn't have space available for a big chandelier or you don't have enough budget for a big chandelier, try a mini one then, many small-scale chandelier are very ornate as well.
To highlight special features. Speaking of accent lighting, which serve to accentuate something unique in the space, like you a piece of artwork on the wall, or a display of some accessories on the shelves in the living room, try using some spotlights with tracking arm, they will create a focal point in your room.
Task lighting for reading or working. We often like to do some reading sitting on the couch, therefore is bright and soft task lighting source would be important. A nearby floor lamp with fabric shade can be a popular choice to such a task activity. What's more, if you have a home office space in your living room, go for a small desk lamp which may help you can your work done.

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