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Lighting Planning: Employ Serial Lighting Fixtures to Your House

Serial light are a host of fixtures sharing alike details in design, whether is of the shade, material ,finish, or some small accent pieces. They usually come in different forms – pendant light, ceiling-mounted light, wall sconce, etc. Employing serial light fixtures is a very popular and charming way to unify the look of your house, and helps all of the room feel more congruent.This post is going to showcasing some of the ideas and products of serial light fitting for your home lighting scheme.
Take a look at this luxuriously-furnished kitchen and notice those candle-style light fixtures. Thoughtful and clever use of serial lighting is given here. A pair of three-bulb mini chandelier are hung above the kitchen island, and further in the washing area,a smaller one is over the sink, which creates a visual link.

image: lismanstudio

image: lismanstudio
Additionally, the houseowner uses a larger and even more brilliant chandelier with more candle bulbs over the dining table as a centerpiece, adding more charming appeal to flow with the rest of the space. And if you look carefully, the parallel design is also found on the wall. With two double-light wall sconce placed by each side of the mirror, a coherent charm and beauty is filled with the whole place.
The follow are some perfect items to act as serial lighting to your household. Check out if there is one suiting your taste and needs.
The chandelier version is very elegant and suitable for living room or a dining table. It will add a touch of rustic chic to your house.

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And the wall-mounted one resembles the same chic design of the serial, making it perfect for bedroom or living room, even the kitchen. If you have an open-plan kitchen, try installing this one in the kitchen and hanging the above chandelier over the dining table, they will create a pleasingly successive look within the whole place.

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The unique details are replicated with this table lamp as well, you may also add a table lamp of this serial to your living room, and these all come together to unify the light fittings all over your home.

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These craftman style single-light pendants with different geometrical shape and multi-color finishes are also great option for you to infuse your house with continuing features. You can use them whether in the kitchen or bedroom, and you can arrange them in single, pairs, trio or even mixed combination.

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