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Lighting Planning: Going Bold with Oversized Pendants in Your Kitchen

Some people may think an oversize pendant would be too intrusive for a space setting. However, huge items are now a popular trend in interior design for they make great statements and immediately draw the eye. A supersize pendant hung over tables or countertop is a great method to provide dramatic features to a room. Take a look at these dramatically-big fixtures as show below, they are very great examples demonstrating the visual magic of large-scale.

source: d2interieurs
Apart from hanging a line of several small pendant light above a long dining table, using a oversize pendant right over the middle is also a smart way to balance the space and create symmetry effect. The cream white finish soften the visual impact but still look very appealing and Impressive to the eye. With its wide and deep cone shade which will reflect the light from the bulb source, you don’t have to worried about the range and level of illumination it casts.

source: nimu
When looking at this contemporary pared-down kitchen, the most eye-catching fitting is obviously this huge ratten-weaved pendant. The design is simple and understated, but with its large shade it enhances the whole space and become a feast to the eye.

source: d2interieurs
The daring use of these two cuboid framed pendant create a huge impact in this kitchen. Not only because of the size, but also the bright green finish of the fixtures against the white-painted cabinet and ceiling. Moreover, the framework design of the lampshade create a visual link with other furnishings (cabinet, stools, centre island,etc), which are also in the design of square edge.

source: rikkisnyder
This dome shade pendant here is very dramatic as well, almost as the same diameter of the round table. Sharing the same color of finish they create a unified look among the space. It is true that oversize pendant light also can be an awesome centerpiece above tables.
Do not be afraid to add a oversized pendant fixtures in your home, whether place it in the kitchen or any other rooms , the result effect it brings will always be unexpected and surprised.