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String Lights Setup: To Make Your Outdoor Christmas Decor Festively Attractive

2017 Christmas is coming close. Have you already started preparing your Christmas decor? Are you still thinking hard to make a big difference in this year's festival? This post is aiming to share with you some ideas about decking out your outdoor place with string lights to make your house look festively attractive, such as choosing a color theme, highlight specific area and how to make a focal point...read on and be inspired to decorate your own home this Christmas.
make outdoor Christmas decor visually magical and enchanting, image: christmasdecor
1.Go either lavishly colorful or monochromatic warm white. Before you purchase any string lights to start the decorating job, think about a theme color palette that you want for the overall look. A rich-colored lighting setup is a dramatic way to turn your front yard into a wonderland and make your outdoor decoration looks lavishly festive. Do not shy away from boldly mixing and matching multiple different light colors, the effect would be extremely fascinating that your can ever imagined.
If you are not a big fan of overwhelming colorful tone, go for a dominant warm white then. Like this residence above, warm white lighting can also be a fabulous choice to create a warm attractive glow to your front yard and create a subtle and elegant Christmas ambiance.
2. To highlight the roofline. Outline the eaves of your house with string lights is a classic route to outdoor decor. Make sure the strings of lights are placed evenly, and choose a cool white color light to make it shine brightly to the eye.
3. Outline your walkway. Concentrating outdoor decorations in a special area, such as outline the entryway with colored onground strip light like the house above. which make a big difference in making the entrance an inviting path to walk through.
4. Wrap deciduous trees. At this time of year trees tend to loose almost their leaves, light up the branch structure of deciduous trees by wrapping the trunk and individual branches with string lights will help get rid of the bleak vibe of the season and bring with holiday exuberance.
5. Create a focal point display. Use a patch of your lawn to place some Christmas-related figurines covered with glowing string lights, it will absolutely draw attentions and become a welcoming feature outside your house.

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