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Tips on Installing Mirror Lamp in Your Bathroom

Since mirror is one of the indispensable pieces in the bathroom, it matters much to choose and install the lamp properly aside it. With which we apply our makeup effectively and other daily activities, the light it cast should be bright enough yet soft, without too glaring to the eye. It is important to know how to get the mirror lamp right. Here are some tips for you to avoid going wrong with your bathroom lighting.
Make it small, make it low-watt
A mirror lamp serve to provide task lighting for our facial makeup. Since we have to step close to the mirror to make it right, the fixtures aside it should be carefully choose, high output and large-scale lamp are not sensible options in case the glitzy light source do harms to the eyes.
Place it at proper height
Except for wattage and scale, location matters much as well. A proper height should be a little bit higher to the eye level, or lower, never install the lamp at the horizontal level of your eye.
Choose a fabric shade
Fabric shade can provide diffused ambience which is soft and comfortable to the eye, making it a perfect type of lamp to install on both sides of the mirror. If you worry it won’t be enough light for you, befittingly get a bulb with higher watt, about 40 – 60 will do.
Pick a filament bulb
If you don like fabric shade and fancy clear glass, which is more damp-proof, opt for a filament bulb then. Filament bulb is perfect for cast warm soft glow, and with a clear glass shade it can keep its brightness without weakening, but also looks stunning around the space.
Inverted lamp
Another clever choice is to use a lamp with inverted lampshade,which change the direction of light into the ceiling. This way there won’t be too much ambience come from the bulb cast to the mirror.
Use recessed downlight
You can also employ recessed downlights on the ceiling over your mirror, which can serves as tender and environmental-friendly light source, and very space-saving as well.

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